We visited Dewberry Farm for their 2021 fall festival and pumpkin patch this weekend. Here are the top 5 tips for your visit:

1) Book your tickets ahead of time (save $2 on their website! On their page, it said to save $3, but each ticket has a $1 processing fee)

2) Be prepared to wait in line for food. Each stand sells its own thing. For example, you can't buy food at the lemonade stand. You can't buy a burger on the turkey leg stand. There is a QR code for the menu at the gate so you can check out the menu at the time.

3) Bring an umbrella! We saw people have umbrellas for the sun. It's a pretty smart choice if you don't want to walk around and wait under the sun.

4) The pony ride is $8 and lasts maybe a minute or two.

5) There is a pumpkin house near the entrance and a pumpkin patch by the pond. Those are some big pumpkins but the patch is not that big, so just a heads up there isn't a huge field of the pumpkin patch.

We love the visit and will definitely go again next year. To reserve your tickets, visit: https://dewberryfarm.com/